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The idea of these blogs on the HelpaChild website is to provide you with an insight into the Community, Lives & Journey Home, that supporters, friends, & priests locally and on the ground in Africa. . Sometimes this work is directly related to HelpaChild though oftentimes the blog will just give you an insight into the contributors life, who you might otherwise just pass in the street. . If any of our works strike a chord, please comment on what we are doing by clicking the article title & filling out the coments section. Interesting feedback will appear on the blog site. . Also, if you feel able, please consider a donation. The form can be found under "Donation" via the Main site home page, Clicking the Logo at the top of this page will take you there. . God Bless
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Renewal opportunities at IHM and St Anne’s

An outline of the Strategy Groups highlighted opportunities so far : The following provides a brief (circa 5 min) online run-time presentation. Instructions: 1. Left click the centre of Picture link below 2. Left click to show full screen (Picture icon bottom right ) 3. Set auto view time bottom right of full screen picture […]

Sharing Spiritual Matters..

The great thing about sharing Spiritual matters is that unlike material things they multiply rather than diminish when shared. To think he’s doing this millions of times daily.

Seven Covenants of Salvation History

I thought this graphic from Franciscan university of Steubenville very useful, see what you think. Download .pdf

Confirmation class ref: flyer July 13

It was great to explain how Helpachild came about to the 2013 confirmation class at St Augustine’s High Wycombe. I produced a flyer listing various reference information, websites and downloads that I have found useful in my journey. I hope this information is of use to you too.. (.pdf 508 KB)

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