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Fr Sarius

Fr Sarius Tchouin

I was born on 17th July 1971 in Harper, Maryland County unto the union of the late Anthony Tchouin and Mrs. Mary Wisner both of whom hail from River Gee and Maryland Counties, Liberia. I am a member of a family of nine: my dad (deceased), my mom, six sisters and me, the only boy of the family.

At the age of nine, I enrolled at Big Town Public in Hoffman Station, Maryland County. I finished my primary school studies there and matriculated to Cape Palmas High in the same county. I was about to complete my high school studies there when a civil war broke out in Liberia in 1989. I fled to the Ivory Coast in 1990. In 1994, I completed my high school studies there and obtained the West African Examination Council senior school certificate.

As a refugee, I went to live with my aunt in San Pedro, the regional capital of the southwestern region of the Ivory Coast. While I was there, I came in contact with one Fr. Gabriel Akemu, MSP, a Nigerian missionary priest who introduced me to the Catholic Faith.

I was converted and was baptized on the 9th of June 1993. After my baptism, I expressed my interest to become a priest. I was interviewed and introduced to Bishop Boniface Dalieh of Cape Palmas. Bishop Dalieh sent me to do a year of spiritual formation in October, 1995 at St. Charles Lwanga Pre-Major Seminary in Monrovia, Liberia. Upon completion, I was sent to do my philosophical studies at St. Paul Major Seminary, Sowutuom, Accra, Ghana in 1996.

I returned home after my studies in philosophy in 1998 in order to have some pastoral experience as a student. I was first assigned to St. Francis Parish, Pleebo in September 1998. I concluded the pastoral experience at Christ the King Parish, Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County.

In 1999, I entered le Grand Seminaire St. Coeur de Marie, Anyama, Ivory Coast and completed my studies in theology there in 2003. Because of the civil war that was raging in Liberia at the time, I was ordained a deacon at St. Louis Parish, Tabou, Ivory Coast on September 14, 2003 by Most Rev. Boniface Dalieh. When the war subsided, I worked briefly in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County as a deacon and was ordained a priest on April 17, 2004.

After my ordination, I was officially assigned to St. Patrick Parish, Grandcess on November 4, 2004, working with Fr. Sam Ofia as my pastor. As an associate pastor, I was entrusted with the task of teaching at the parish school, visit to outstations, marriage counseling, teaching of catechism, bursar of the rectory, etc. Fr. Sam Ofia left in September 2005 and I was entrusted with the entire pastoral care of the parish. In April 2006, I was officially appointed pastor of the parish. To this was added the pastoral charge of four other parishes: St. Peter Claver, Barclayville, St. Joseph the Worker, Buah, Christ the King, Sasstown and St. Jude, Picniccess.

Upon my appointment, I organized the Grand Kru Catholic Women Organization, a group that coordinates the activities of all the Catholic Women Organizations of the different parishes within Grand Kru. Another target was also to promote the parish school and work with all the youth groups of the region.

Thanks to our many donors this is yielding much fruits.

I have two stations under my control now. I visit them on foot because the motorbike that I have can not reach them because of bad roads. It takes me three to four hours to reach any of those stations. As part of my duty also, I teach at the parish school with a population of 290 students, visit parishioners and non Catholics, the sick, the aged and play an advocacy role for people who are treated unjustly, especially women, girls and children.

I am administrator of our parish clinic that takes in 20 patients per week. I am also currently serving as spiritual director to the knights and ladies’ auxiliaries of Knights of St. John International.

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Comment from Stanley A.Tarwo
Time February 9, 2009 at 5:55 pm

Father, thanks a lot for the hard work done in that part of the country. It’s not easy to work and live in that part of the country. I know all what you’re experiencining there because i am a witness to it. I worked with Fathers Sam and Sarius in 2005. it was a challenging experience. I pray to join you there soon after my theological studies at SS. Peter & Paul Seminary in Ibadan, Nigeria. Be assured of our prayers here in Nigeria. We appreciate all of your efforts.

Comment from Bro. Godfrey Nemah
Time February 9, 2009 at 6:20 pm

I am very proud of you,
(helpachild). Your contributions to the people of Grandcess is very substantial and it will go a long way to build the human resources of Liberia.I was at work in Grandcess when Mr. Clive Bird paid his last visit to the above students. As a teacher of St. Patrick then, I participated in the selection process of students who would benefit from helpachild scholarship. My experiences with the children of Grandcess will be sent to your website soon.

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