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The idea of these blogs on the HelpaChild website is to provide you with an insight into the Community, Lives & Journey Home, that supporters, friends, & priests locally and on the ground in Africa. . Sometimes this work is directly related to HelpaChild though oftentimes the blog will just give you an insight into the contributors life, who you might otherwise just pass in the street. . If any of our works strike a chord, please comment on what we are doing by clicking the article title & filling out the coments section. Interesting feedback will appear on the blog site. . Also, if you feel able, please consider a donation. The form can be found under "Donation" via the Main site home page, Clicking the Logo at the top of this page will take you there. . God Bless

Nigeria, MSP Seminarian.

HelpaChild Sponsors MSP Seminarian..

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I received a picture & letter from the MSP Seminarian HelpaChild is sponsoring at the seminary in Abuja that Fr Innocent, Fr Sam, Fr Martin & Fr Pius all came from..

Photos of Seminary

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Here are some Photo’s of the seminary where our semiarian will be trained, we hope to have one of Edward Pemida soon.

MSP Seminarian allocated

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Fr Martin communicates HAC interest in supporting a Seminarian.

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Fr Victor Onwukeme,

MSP Rector The National Missionary Seminary of St Paul

Gwagwalada, Abuja


Dear Fr Onwukeme,


Mr Clive Bird and Help A Child charity organization have indicated an interest to support the training of a seminarian of the National Missionary Seminary of St Paul Gwagwalada.


Mr Bird would like me to communicate the following to you:


The organization prefers a Philosophy One seminarian.


The organization will send a cheque of five hundred Pound Sterling each semester to the bursar of England Mission of the Missionary Society of St Paul and the bursar will transfer the money to the seminary. This means that the organization will assist the seminary with the sum of one thousand Pound Sterling annually for the training of the seminarian.


The organization would like to have the name and picture of the seminarian, and would be happy to hear from the seminarian occasionally. The money is not for the private use by the seminarian, rather it is meant to assist the seminary in the training of the seminarian.




Thank you very much for your cooperation.




Fr Martin Eke, MSP

Project Coordinator

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