Greetings from Grand Cess

After transferring the money for the school fees to Grand Cess recently we received the following message from Father Emmanuel, the priest in Grand Cess, to all our generous donors: “We remain grateful to you and continue to hold you in high esteem for your continued support in Grandcess. God bless you all!”

School Year 2023-24

The school year is progressing well in Grand Cess.  They will soon be entering the second semester and there are 100 children in the school supported by Help a Child Africa.  We are also supporting 5 young people in local colleges.  

School year supplies

And we complain of our potholes when it rains! Thanks to the generous contribution from a private donor, we’ve been able to buy some essential school supplies for the upcoming year. They even shared a video with us, showing the supplies making their journey from Monrovia to Grand Cess.

End of the year thank you video

Happy Christmas to all our supporters from everybody at Help a Child Africa and thank you all for your continued support. Here is a video from Grand Cess of some of the pupils and parents of St. Patrick’s school. Unfortunately it is not easy to make out what they are saying (they are expressing their

Progress Report From Grand Cess

We have received an end of year progress report for the children of Grand Cess who are sponsored by Help a Child Africa. Here are the highlights: Impressive retention figure: Of the 100 children sponsored 94 have passed their school year. Of the 6 who didn’t pass 3 will repeat the year and only 3

St. Patrick’s School Re-opens

We have received the following message from our contact in Grand Cess: “I, on behave of the People, Students, Teachers, Parents and Parishners of Grandcess and St. Patrick’s School System and Parish bring you once again warm greetings and best wishes. It’s my honor to officially inform you that schools have resume normal academic activities

School Report

Father Sam Ofia, one of our trustees, was due to visit Grand Cess in April but was unable to go due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The school is currently closed due to the pandemic but just before this all happened we received updated lists from Father Francis of the 100 children in school and the

Letter of Appreciation from Grand Cess

GRANDCESS, GRAND KRU COUNTY I bring you greetings from St. Patrick’s Parish, the School and the entire community of Grandcess. May this letter serve as testimony of our immense gratitude to you, Fr. Sam and the entire Help A Child Family for their continuous support to the Parents and unprivileged students who were deprived for