Interview with Liberian Charity Worker

A recent interview with an M.S.F. (MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES/DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS) charity worker in their magazine Dispatches caught our eye because the worker was from Liberia.  She had had to flee to Cote d’Ivoire from the Civil War in Liberia in the late 1990s similar to one of our trustees, Father Sam Ofia, who, in

Letter from Grandcess

We have just received a letter from Grandcess: May 30, 2021 LETTER OF GRATITUDE AND BEST WISHES Dear Brethren, We the (Parents, Teachers, Students & Parishioners) of Grandcess, St. Patrick; humbly acknowledge with heartfelt gratitude our continuous inexpressible joy to you our Donors, Sponsors and family (HELP A CHILD SPONSORS). We also remain grateful to